Housing industry improves based on overall foreclosure data

CoreLogic, a real estate information firm, recently released data revealing the housing industry is improving despite an uptick in completed foreclosures, according to a November 8th report of Housing Wire.

The latest recorded nationwide completed foreclosure data in September revealed an increase in monthly completions even though the number decreased annually. The current trend of increasing completed foreclosures can still be seen in a positive way because foreclosure inventories have been decreasing, according to CoreLogic’s CEO and President Anand Nallathambi. He argues that the overall housing industry will continue to improve next year. CoreLogic also noted the number of homeowners in serious delinquency because of their mortgages decreased significantly relative to data recorded in 2015.

While the overall housing industry continues to improve, the legal team at the Bradford Law Offices, PLLC understands that many Fayetteville residents are still being threatened with foreclosure every day. If you are in such situation, we can tirelessly work on your behalf to protect your home. Call us today at (919) 758-8879 to learn more about your legal options.

NFL’s Terrell Owens threatened with foreclosure

According to an August 6 article of Realty Today, retired professional football player Terrell Owens is at risk of foreclosure if he fails to sell his property, which has a defaulted mortgage of more than $900,000.

Reports said Owens, 42, already placed his $2.2 million property in San Fernando Valley on the market with a slightly higher price than he originally acquired it. However, reports revealed that as of writing no one has shown interest in buying his home. The bank reportedly decided to pursue foreclosure proceedings after Owens failed to settle $905,417.06 worth of mortgage debt within the 90-day extension period given to him. Owens, according to other reports, admitted that after his football career he has no other source of income. The upcoming “hall of famer” who earned approximately $70 million in his career is also selling his 4,250 square foot property in Sherman Oaks.

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